The Races

6 Events in the Series

Pack Monadnock 10 Miler Sunday May 19, 2024

  • 9am start.
  • Sunshine start available at 8:30am.
  • $45 early bird entry fee before April 1st
  • $50 after April 1st
  • Tech t-shirts to the first 100
  • Part of USATF-NE Mountain Circuit
  • Results posted: here

Ascutney Mountain Run Saturday June 8, 2024

  • Run 3.7 MILES
  • Ascend 2300 Feet
  • 3 deep, Raffle prizes
  • Starts at Park Entrance
  • Results posted: here

Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race Saturday June 15, 2024

  • 7.6 miles
  • 4,650 vertical feet
  • 22% Max Grade
  • Turkey lunch from Hart’s Turkey Farm
  • Warm Fuzzy Blanket at Summit
  • Results posted: here

Loon Mountain Race Sunday July 7, 2024

Registration link:

  • One of the toughest mountain races
  • Separate race on Upper Walking Boss
  • UWB is a dizzying 40% grade
  • $1,500 in prize money
  • 60 Loon Mountain road, Lincoln NH
  • Results posted: here

Race The Cog Sunday August 4, 2024

Registration link:

  • About 2.75 miles long
  • Follows the cog tracks to the summit
  • Optionally race down for twice the distance
  • 3,500 elevation gain
  • About 1,000 feet per mile climb

Delta Dental Race to the Top of Vermont Sunday August 27, 2024

Registration link:

  • The hardest race ANYONE can do!
  • 4.3 Miles
  • 2,564 Feet In Elevation
  • Race up Vermont's Highest Peak

Series Standings

4 Races Down, 2 to go

PlaceNameTotal PointsTotal RacesPackAscutneyMt WashLoonCog RaceRace to the Top
1Adam Pacheck2912.8841000.001000.00912.88858.26
2PHILIP ROYER2813.7630.00989.04918.49906.23
3EVERETT HACKETT2613.4130.00962.13866.57784.71
4Erik Vandendries2590.154867.50895.73826.92732.77
5Steve Brightman2544.624902.06854.98787.58775.89
6Michael Narcisi2506.174875.29841.81789.07731.51
7Adam Cook2505.653857.92854.98792.750.00
8Zach Varty2302.393802.36796.120.00703.91
9Eric Couture2214.353760.50756.390.00697.46
10John Beaver2206.853788.23765.380.00653.24
11Jeff Gould2019.423696.70675.15647.570.00
12Bruce Christensen1993.943716.92663.24613.780.00
13Ernst Linder1912.684693.53635.21578.83583.94
14Todd Brown1862.084664.34637.46560.28489.68
15Ross Minkov1842.384658.82608.02575.54544.60
16Ken Goodin1825.924682.94606.79536.19491.63
17Len Hall1811.934634.95618.87558.11520.53
18Sean Conroy1810.843641.38610.490.00558.97
19Chris Woitowicz1789.913630.64642.910.00516.36
20Brian Walfield1746.614622.38587.81536.42505.28
21Gerard Polcari1740.084594.65597.94547.49506.49
22Todd Taska1728.184628.86559.03540.29507.01
23Benjamin Holt1715.153636.01585.710.00493.43
24Scott Gordon1668.134535.93581.00551.20517.08
25CHRISTOPHER SHIPLEY1664.7730.00594.99521.76548.02
26Mark Cole1648.674563.39566.94507.46518.34
27Tony Mariano1633.203584.87548.00500.330.00
28Everett McBride1624.963626.590.00472.77525.60
29Don Slovenkai1620.354563.06551.68505.61487.43
30JOHN MARTIN1618.0930.00553.20540.69524.20
31Mike McKenna1611.063568.61556.10486.350.00
32Arthur Bellerive1597.474552.75544.85499.87489.93
33Alex Ross1571.943580.320.00484.27507.35
34JOHN KOWALSKI1532.4130.00546.67494.84490.90
35ROBERT ROSEEN1518.3230.00518.69496.15503.48
36Kevin Fallon1515.604487.57526.56501.47437.09
37Jim McDermott1513.083537.74536.430.00438.91
38Stephen Laboe1487.393547.260.00461.74478.39
39Rick Hersey1479.004496.02509.32473.66435.87
40Bob Dunfey1450.963522.460.00475.59452.91
41Paul Grant1446.793503.44502.090.00441.26
42Andrew Page1431.234515.17492.49423.57382.35
43DARREL LASELL1417.5330.00479.79466.11471.63
44Richard Stockdale1390.474511.29465.31413.87378.54
45Kurt Brierly1385.053496.87462.68425.500.00
46Richard Fijalkowski1372.863469.69478.64424.530.00
47Jack Raycroft1367.543474.43486.780.00406.33
48MARC MELEDANDRI1344.0030.00440.86431.29471.85
49Tom Graham1315.294474.85360.30406.67433.77
50Charles Salmond1299.304452.59460.44386.27356.01
51Matthew Webber1277.133484.46423.870.00368.80
52Edward Varney1255.724430.37438.08387.27354.99
53ANDREW HAASE1218.7930.00447.31415.21356.27
54Patrick Nelson1202.993473.08439.140.00290.77
55DOUG USHER1174.2830.00397.97339.41436.90
56Bryan O'Keefe1019.964363.19342.90313.87262.24