The Races

6 Events in the Series

Pack Monadnock 10 Miler Sunday May 19, 2024

  • 9am start.
  • Sunshine start available at 8:30am.
  • $45 early bird entry fee before April 1st
  • $50 after April 1st
  • Tech t-shirts to the first 100
  • Part of USATF-NE Mountain Circuit
  • Results posted: here

Ascutney Mountain Run Saturday June 8, 2024

  • Run 3.7 MILES
  • Ascend 2300 Feet
  • 3 deep, Raffle prizes
  • Starts at Park Entrance
  • Results posted: here

Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race Saturday June 15, 2024

  • 7.6 miles
  • 4,650 vertical feet
  • 22% Max Grade
  • Turkey lunch from Hart’s Turkey Farm
  • Warm Fuzzy Blanket at Summit
  • Results posted: here

Loon Mountain Race Sunday July 7, 2024

Registration link:

  • One of the toughest mountain races
  • Separate race on Upper Walking Boss
  • UWB is a dizzying 40% grade
  • $1,500 in prize money
  • 60 Loon Mountain road, Lincoln NH
  • Results posted: here

Race The Cog Sunday August 4, 2024

Registration link:

  • About 2.75 miles long
  • Follows the cog tracks to the summit
  • Optionally race down for twice the distance
  • 3,500 elevation gain
  • About 1,000 feet per mile climb

Delta Dental Race to the Top of Vermont Sunday August 27, 2024

Registration link:

  • The hardest race ANYONE can do!
  • 4.3 Miles
  • 2,564 Feet In Elevation
  • Race up Vermont's Highest Peak

Series Standings

4 Races Down, 2 to go

How Races are Scored

Points will be assigned based on the maximum number of points for an event as shown in the table below. The winner gets the maximum number of points and everyone else getting a percentage of the maximum. For example, assume you say that the maximum number of points for an event is 1000. So Amy wins the race in 46:00. Kelly finished in 1:02:00. Amy’s score is 1000 because she won. Kelly’s score is 740.2. It is calculated by dividing the winner’s time (46 minutes) by her time (62 minutes) and then multiplying the results by the maximum number of points. So 46/62 x 1000 = 740.2

Each race will be scored separately based on the maximum number of points for that specific event. Total points are then calculated by adding the points from the 4 events with the highest number of points.

If you ran both Sunapee races, only 1 will count and it will be the race with the higher points.

If you have questions or comments about the scoring procedure, please contact Ellen Raffio. If you see an error in the scoring, please contact Steve Delahunty

Maximum number of points for each race

Race Name Date Distance Maximum Points
Sunapee Scramble #1 April 29 4 1000
Sunapee Scramble #2 April 30 Under 9 1000
Ascutney Mountain Run June 3 3.7 1000
Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race June 17 7.6 2000
Race the Cog June 24 About 2.75 1000
Loon Mountain Race July 9 About 6 1000
Delta Dental Race to the Top of Vermont August 27 4.3 2000